[ENG] Company & Co. launches - The advertising agency for challenger brands

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

A new agency where team and organisation are made for challenger brands. Company & Co. change the traditional agency structures, launches their own challenger brands and are media independent.

Oscar Danielsson and Nima Akbari are behind the agency. Oscar has an agency background, but spent the last three years as Global Brand Manager Communications for Absolut Vodka.

- Both of us have worked with one of the most iconic brands in the world, developed a distinct brand platform that take marketshares and keep challengers away. We wanted to turn that model on it's head and work with the challenger brands instead, says Oscar.

Nima, former Global Creative for Absolut, worked in the in-house agency for the brand.

- After our experience from both agency and brands marketing department, we've experienced that there is too often a gap between strategy and the creative output. For some reason, the agency standard is to be 'creative first' with strategy being less important. For us strategy always comes first, then you'll dramatise with creative. Therefor we've removed creative couples for teams of strategists and creatives instead, says Nima.

Being media independent is essential for the agency as well. - It's too often the media is determined before it's been identified where you should be. Choice of media can not inform strategy and creative, it should be the opposite, Oscar says.

Company & Co. also launches their own challenger brands, based on the very same philosophy the agency work with.

First brand out is Grapest Wines and it's first product, Pizza Wine. A wine that instead of positioning grapes and terroir put food pairing in focus.

Press contact

Oscar Danielsson, Partner / Strategy Director

+46 70 915 52 47

Nima Akbari, Partner / Creative Director

+46 70 915 52 10

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