[ENG] Agency launch own brand – A wine that challenges the whole industry

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Company & Co, the advertising agency for challenger brands, launches their own brand that shakes up the wine industry - Grapest Wines create wines that are made for specific dishes, first out is Pizza Wine.

The spark to start the project was the two founder’s own interest in food and wine, together with an urge to simplify an industry that makes it complex for the consumer.

- We both really like wine, so much that we got pretentious about it for a while. But terroir this and grape that, what we really wanted was just a great wine to pair with the food we had. Something that the wine industry complicates. Today, you need to have a level of knowledge to be able to pair wine well, we wanted to change this, Oscar says.

First out in the portfolio is Pizza Wine, made from Sangiovese, handpicked and bottled in Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

- We could tell you that it’s handpicked in late September when the grapes are fully ripened, that we raffinate it for six months before it’s bottled. But a fancy production process doesn’t matter in the end. The silver lining here is that it tastes great with pizza, Nima says.

Pizza Wine is made and designed by the agency, the concept was developed by the same model that the agency uses for their clients.

- What we do at the agency is to find distinct ways to communicate about products and brands that challenges the industry where they exists. Grapest Wines is a creation of this philosophy and a proof that you can make an impact with the right idea, Oscar says.

Pizza Wine will first be launched in stores and restaurants in Sweden from October.

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